The Telesis House embodies a moment in northern California architectural history.

Situated on a little over an acre in one of the City of Napa's original residential neighborhoods, the Telesis House is not your typical Napa Valley experience. The valley is a destination whose architecture reflects the influence of viticulture and global tourism, much more so than the iconic legacy of mid-century modern Northern California architecture. 

Nonetheless, the City of Napa has in its midst a rare and treasured mid-20th century single family residence - the Telesis House.

The home is nestled among a grove of heritage oak trees and wraps around a sycamore tree planted at the time of construction.  Dramatic old-growth redwood cantilevered overhangs provide shelter for covered walkways that exquisitely embody the iconic notions of California's indoor/outdoor living.  The patio features wood furniture from Selamat Designs and planters with seasonal foliage. The privacy wall at the end of the property ensures your outdoor event remains intimate, yet does not hinder views of the Vaca Mountains.  

The Telesis House is just minutes from downtown Napa.  Located in the Carneros region (Napa Valley's shortest drive from San Francisco) the Telesis House is easily accessible from the Bay Area as well as Sacramento and the Central Valley.